I wonder what’s wrong when everything’s going right.

My life has so many things going on that if I am not feeling pressure from somewhere, I feel pressure to … well, to feel pressure. I know this sounds a little weird, but it’s true. I seem to be loosing the ability to just chill out and veg for a while. This is an ability that I want to nurture, not negate!

I have recently read about a number of countries where the people work less hours, take more vacation, retire younger and live longer than the average U.S. citizen. I’m puzzled a bit by this. Don’t you have to work hard for all those things? I think so. At least that is what I’ve been told.

Still, I want to remove any unnecessary pressure and get rid of the annoying pressure-caused lump in my left shoulder that gives me frequent headaches.  Maybe I just need to allow myself to relax. Maybe I can figure out a way to let some of the unnecessary pressure melt away.

I hereby pledge to rebuild, restructure and recreate my self, in order to reduce stress and really enjoy my time on the space ship planet earth. I am now ready to enjoy more fully my holiday on earth by, well, focusing on the goal to recreate myself. I commit to spend more time doing the things that are really important and the things that I really love doing. I conclude that these things will recreate me and in so doing they will become my “recreation”.  With more recreation will come more peace, less pressure and even greater happiness. I know it will. It just makes sense.

Unfortunately as I start this new undertaking I feel a whole new pressure to achieve a state of feeling less pressure. Go figure.

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