Just what the Doctor ordered.

A while back  my wife received her Doctorate. She was already a highly successful and respected Geriatric Nurse Practitioner specializing in Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia at the University Medical Center. Her Doctorate will probably not result in any more income, respect or personal recognition. So why would someone go through the headache, hassle, and extremely hard work for the degree? Its simple, and its a great example to me. My wife wasn’t after accolades or riches, she just wanted to have the best education available in her field so that she could provide the best care possible to her patients.

She knows and understands intimately the importance of making a difference in the lives of those she cares for. She was willing to make the sacrifices she has in order to help the people, one at a time, in her care. Her focus is on the patient and not on herself. That is what makes her one of the very best in her field. I am so proud of her and hold her as a model for my life. I too believe in the power of the individual. I consider it a honor and a privilege when I, like her, can help make a difference in the individual lives that I come in contact with.

I’ve had some fun since her Doctorate defense referring to her as “Doctor” all the time.  She went along with it for a while but has recently informed me that if I don’t knock it off, I wouldn’t like what the Doctor would prescribe. So I, like all wise men should, took the advise of a trained medical professional and altered my behavior. I’m back to calling her “sweetheart.” But I admit, whenever I see her in her white coat, a chill goes up my spine.

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