Life is a wheel.

Sure enough. Life is a wheel, always spinning but returning again and again to where it has already been. I think that also pertains to our behaviors and actions and to the cyclical nature of this planet and all things that on it are. Even us people.

We have the rotation of the earth with the rising and setting of the Sun. We have Spring followed by Summer followed by Fall followed by Winter followed by Spring again as it all starts over. We plant, we nurture, we sustain and we harvest and then we plant again. Everywhere I look I see a cycle. Even in my own life.

My desk gets cluttered with piles of work, then somehow becomes less and less a mess until it looks pretty clean. Then suddenly, as though by magic, it is again cluttered and the whole process starts again. My brain also has it’s cycles. I find myself strangely at peace at times and then the stress grows and grows and I feel overwhelmed. So it has been in the recent past. I guess my Church, civic and business responsibilities began to weigh heavily on me.

Now the cycle has rotated to a more level field. My daughter-in-law just gave birth to a beautiful new granddaughter. My civic responsibilities are winding down to a manageable level, and my church service is less hectic.  Maybe all it took was a recommitment from me and a realignment of my priorities. Or maybe its just this part of the cycle. I’m not sure which. What I am sure of is that I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

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