Spring is not the only thing that is bustin’ out all over.

I just got back from lunch and a little shopping. I decided during my running amok that I’d go ahead and confess to the world that I have super-sized, grande-sized and jumbo-sized enough fast food meals in my life that I have now been forced to do the same thing with my pants.
Yes it’s true, I bought some new jeans and I had to add a couple of inches to my pant’s waist size since I’ve added at least that much to my personal non-pants waist size. I decided that this was better than my struggling to take a deep breath and speaking in falsetto. I’ve now graduated up to 38/30s. Oh the shame. Oh the degradation. Oh the humanity.
I think I’ll go drown my humiliation in an order for fries, humongous sized, with lots of dipping sauce and a chocolate shake.

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