What’s the matter with you people?

Friday night my wife and I decided to go out to dinner. We thought we’d try a new restaurant in town. As we drove to the location I couldn’t help but note that the restaurants we passed all seemed full and most had waiting lines. When we got to the new eatery the place was packed! I couldn’t help but think “What’s the matter with you people? Don’t you know there’s a recession on? Don’t you watch the news or read the paper? Didn’t you get the memo that you were supposed to stay home, turn off the lights and huddle beneath a pile of blankets to preserve body heat in order to reduce heating and electrical expense? What is up with these people out in public, sharing time with friends and family and, … gasp … spending money?

Because we had nothing else scheduled for the evening we were willing to wait an hour before we were seated. All in all the dining experience was unsatisfactory. The place was too trendy, too noisy, and too animated for me. I like to go to dinner and have a conversation where I can actually hear the person across the table from me. I think this place, like most new places, just tries too hard. The food was mediocre at best, and they have the last of my money for a very long time. Long enough for me to forget Friday night.

However, the evening was not a complete loss. I was delighted to see people out acting on their own. Living life and not yielding to the fear mongers that seem to dominate every medium. When it really comes down to it, life is great, Yes there are some in need and we should help them. But we should not panic. These ups and downs come around every so often and if you just refuse to participate in them, the recessions, slowdowns and downturns really aren’t too bad.

This week at the office will be interesting. Winter is tough because the majority of our hotel interests are in a certain resort community that is highly seasonal. As a matter of fact, almost 90% of our annual revenue comes in in a 130 day period. It makes the whole affair a management nightmare. None the less, this is part of the business we have chosen and so we will continue to do our best. Perhaps the future will hold different properties, alternate enterprises and exciting new opportunities. I think so. Meanwhile, like all highs and lows in every aspect of life, I know that this too shall pass, so I look forward and leave the past where it belongs, behind me.

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