Blogging: help or hinderence?

Here it is, Wednesday morning already. I’m writing in my blog because I left myself a note to do so last night when I left the office.
It is interesting how fast time rolls by. When I thought about starting this endeavor I thought I’d write in here four or five times a week. It is already becoming clear that this may not be the case. I simply don’t have enough time to allocate that many hours to what I see as an interesting, but by and large unnecessary, undertaking. I harbor the opinion that there are more important things that I can and probably should be doing. Like it or not, time is limited for us all. I doubt that when I lay on my death bed I’ll wish that I had spent more time blogging. After all, without my words of wisdom being recorded for posterity online, I strongly suspect that the world would still go on, the weather would still change, the economy would improve (I hope), my granddaughter would still grow up and I would still develop more gray hairs and pack on an even greater amount of midbody insulation.
I can’t help but wonder whether overall blogging is a meaningful activity. I suspect that it is, … WITHIN REASON!
Blogging looks to me like it could function well as a journaling process, may provide a history of life events and experiences of the author that may be helpful to others or interesting to existing family members or progeny. However, I think that it is like some other things that could become habitually unproductive.
Quite frankly, I am appalled at times when I respond to a request on Facebook and see many notations that people leave. They feel it necessary to log on and record single line stuff like “I have a headache,” “I am getting ready to go shopping,” and “I’m late for picking up my son from school.” I know I probably have a bad attitude about this but I can’t help but think “Take an aspirin, go shopping and pick up your son without leaving him waiting and wondering where you are while you’re wasting time on the web!”
I would hope that the information shared by people would be something a little more valuable and a little less vapid. Such is not however the case.
So here’s a few random thoughts that you will probably find as uninteresting as I do those noted above. I guess when it comes down to it, I’m just as bad at putting down minutia as everybody else.
My Sunday’s seem less like a day of rest and more and more like work. I love my church responsibilities and would not want them to change, but I do miss the break. I believe strongly that people need some rest, relaxation and recreation to maintain a mentally and emotionally healthy life. We need the time to “re-create” ourselves and our lives.
My business life is increasingly demanding and stressful, although I try my best to leave the stress at the office. I wish I had more time that I could logically spend or that I was better at doing what needs to be done so that I could make more progress. I plan to work more at business growth, development and profitability and less on new start-ups. This will not be easy for me. I am one who likes to build the train, but who does not want to drive it.
I continue to deeply appreciate and try to live by the eternal truths I have learned not only from holy writ, but also from wise people who have preceded me and been good enough to leave me a legacy of understanding that they pioneered and from which I benefit. Included among them are Maxwell Maltz (spelling?), Napoleon Hill, and my favorite, Earl Nightingale.
We’re getting close to introducing our new software company. The portfolio real estate is doing fine. One piece is improving dramatically. The investment and management group is struggling and will for a few more months. The continuing education training website is on hold until we get the software sales and service side in place and begin the marketing roll out. The real estate education and financial services site is functional with its redesign and making slight progress. I’ll be more specific in the future.
Enough for now. I’ll try again on Friday to blog, but can’t make any promises.

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