Starting of by spouting off.

Here’s the deal. I lead a very busy life. I have multiple companies, interests and significant responsibilities in my chosen faith. (That “multiple companies” thing sounds better than it is. They just seem to keep me busy and broke all at the same time.)
I guess it is easier to have a variety of things to deal with, and thereby occupy my mind, than to consider whether or not I have adult onset ADD and just can’t focus on one thing for very long. My days are full of variety. From family, real estate consulting, business management, motel operation, web enterprises and the new software company we’re getting ready to roll out, I have the luxury of jumping between subjects and issues like a human pinball ricocheting here and there all the time setting off bells, whistles and a variety of other responses.
My life is not just full it has long since overflowed its banks and is flooding the delta. I LOVE IT! There simply are not enough hours in a day for me. (Nor are that at night when I’d like to catch a few more winks than I do.)
As I progress through this process, I plan to use this blog to vent my irritation, express my disappointment, share my impressions, trumpet my joy, teach the truths that have molded my existence and generally rant and rave as I feel inclined. I have no idea if this will be valuable to anyone else, but I assure you it will fun for me.
I do however need to warn you. I am very opinionated, reasonably conservative, pigheaded, thin-skinned and still willing to let you into my psyche if you so choose to participate. If not, fine. But I promise that you’ll miss some very interesting things. They seem to happen to me with alarming regularity. Names will be changed to protect the innocent.

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