My Bio

Here’s my info. I’m afraid its not too interesting, but this template had a space for it so I filled it in. I’m very compliant you know. In any case, its been my life and I have certainly found it interesting.

I was born in Rexburg Idaho in 1954. (Ok, so I’m getting long in the tooth, but as Monty Python said, “I’m not dead yet”.) I choose to live in Utah with my wonderful wife who enjoys a career as a Doctor of Nursing Practice at the University of Utah Medical Center. We’ve got two sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law and seven grandkids that are just right for spoiling. We have lived around the country in Kansas City, Chicago and Surfside Beach SC. Now we live in Utah.

I enjoy dealing with people from all walks of life, businesses both large and small and in a variety of places around the globe. I’d like to think that my professional background, education and experience allows me to bring a specialized talents and tools to the wide variety of these interactions.  My education and professional licensing include a BA in Communications from the University of Utah, Certified Financial Planner designation, Securities Broker/Dealer and licensed Real Estate Broker.

My professional experience includes the analysis, structure, acquisition, disposition and management of real estate with a total value in the hundreds of millions of dollars. (Only a small percentage of which was for my own account.)

My family business was started from nothing and built over time to include the ownership and operation of  multifamily real estate, commercial real estate, multiple hospitality (hotel & restaurant) properties and a few small internet based enterprises. We are a small family businesses with all the challenges and headaches common to such enterprises. These businesses have however provided me with a level of financial security and stability that has produced  a welcome peace of mind for both me and my family. They have also allowed me the freedom to now be involved in helping others achieve their goals, travel and serve in my community and chosen faith.

I have attempted to give a little back to my community by serving in a State controlled Board of Directors for the Utah State Fair and Fair Park as appointed by the last four Governors of the State of Utah. I currently serve as Chairman of the Board. (Just in case you’re curious, I have learned that there is a difference between real Corndogs and the battered and deep-fried imitations commonly offered.) I also serve on an Advisory Board for the Development of a Utah Minority Business Resource Center and Incubator. I serve on the board of The Academy for Creating Enterprise and am blessed to spend some time in Latin America working with many entrepreneurs. And if it matters, I have bees, chickens and a greenhouse in my back yard as well as a wonderful garden of about a half acre. If you have any interest in that kind of stuff, you can see the garden at “”

On a serious note, I consider myself a religious man. I believe in a supreme being and creator. I believe that all men and women are born with ability, talents and real value, and that each has a divine right to success and happiness. I have served in my chosen faith for many years, from two years of full-time missionary service in the Philippine Islands when I was a young man until today. I have served in various ecclesiastical callings and at this writing serve with my wife in helping interested parties to open and grow their own businesses. I believe we all have an obligation to give back to our creator and can do so best through proper stewardship of our own lives and positively impacting the lives of those we touch.

I love life, am deliriously happily married, have a great family, sleep well at night and continue to realize the achievement of important goals in my life. I look forward to the best which I know is yet to come. If you and I ever have the opportunity to travel some of life’s paths together, it would be my honor.

Wow, that was more than you wanted to know, but you’re at the end now.